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A brief history.

*The below history section is intentionally incomplete - we are offering a timeline of some important moments in our Taranaki history. We invite visitors to learn about the people and moments that have shaped the world they inhabit today, and to consider how their life will be remembered in the future. Visitors are invited to share a memory they want to live on by contacting us & to help us imagine what comes next by declaring a hope for the future.


Taranaki Pride Week 2024

A total of 17 events and 2 activities were organized throughout the week, attracting over 1000 participants and offering something for everyone to participate in and enjoy. The financial outcome of Taranaki Pride Week was positive, with a surplus of $1250.00, ensuring smooth operations and memorable experiences for attendees.

1993 - 2001

The Taranaki Lesbian Newsletter

The Taranaki Lesbian Newsletter, active from 1993 to 2001, served as a vital platform for fostering connections, sharing resources, and amplifying the voices of lesbians in the Taranaki region of New Zealand.

1993 Taranaki Lesbian Newsletter no 1 1993

First Pride Week

The inaugural Pride Week in 1995 marked a historic celebration of LGBTQ+ identity, advocacy, and community solidarity.


Sheila's Arms

Sheila's Arms at 47 St Aubyn's street New Plymouth started January 1991. It then became Club 47 at 47 St Aubyn's Street New Plymouth from 1993.

1992 TNL April 1992


Taranaki a Gay Group TaGG formed October 1981.

1979 Taranaki Gay Society 15th January 1979

Taranaki Gay Liberation

The First Gay group (Taranaki Gay Liberation) was formed in Taranaki 13th March 1975, as part of a National coalition of Gay Liberation groups in NZ.

1976 Gay Libertaion Taranaki 1976 min

History in images

Images courtesy of Fiona Clark, Kawe Mahara Queer Archive Aotearoa. LAGANZ. Wellington.